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Soclean CPAP Cleaner

 Soclean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer machine Review

It is importance that CPAP equipment are thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the user’s not only breath easily but breathe safe air. Thus, the cleaning process employed should be able to assure this. A common frustration is normally having to use water and harsh chemicals on the CPAP instruments which do not guarantee the elimination of all germs involved and in most cases leaves the equipment with a prolonged period of drying. But this should no longer be the case as new technology and effective cleaning and sanitization methods have been introduced to clean CPAP equipment. Currently, the Soclean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer offers the best solution with its efficient activated oxygen cleaning process. Soclean CPAP clener machine is fully automated can be used to clean and sanitize a wide variety of CPAP equipment effectively without the need to dismantle the CPAP equipment at any time during the cleaning process. It has a cleaning chamber in which the CPAP mask is inserted and a lid to cover the chamber once the cleaning is initiated. Inside the cleaning chamber at the bottom is a generator whose sole purpose is to generate activated oxygen which is critical for the cleaning process. On the sides of the device close to the lid are pores on the left and the right that are meant to accommodate the hose that is attached to the mask. The manufacturers boast of the product cleaning 99.9% of germs through its simplified and fast cleaning cycle. It is specifically helpful for a thorough cleaning of the CPAP mask, its hose, and the reservoir which it cleans without the need to use any water or chemicals. In addition to that, It comes with a cleaning unit that is designed to accommodate a wide variety of CPAP masks and has a universal fitting that can accommodate a wide range of CPAP models.

How Soclean CPAP Cleaner works ?

The Soclean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer primarily uses activated oxygen to destroy all manner of harmful germs in CPAP equipment. Activated oxygen has the ability to eliminate germs successfully because its molecule has three atoms instead of two which can kill any organism that relies on oxygen with two atoms. The activated oxygen is generated by a generator that is contained inside the device. Once the CPAP mask is placed in the chamber that is meant for cleaning and the device shut, the cleaning process will be activated. Users should note that the mask should be attached to the hose during insertion and throughout the cleaning period. Swiftly, the generator will break down the components of oxygen to generate activated oxygen which will flow through the supply tube right into the walls of the humidifier reservoir killing any germs hiding on its walls. From here the activated oxygen will flow into the hose and clean its inner walls as it travels through it finally finding its way into the cleaning chamber through the openings in the mask. At this point, the insides of the mask will be cleaned together with its external areas to complete the cleaning cycle. This whole process takes only fifteen minutes at most with the final stage being the activated oxygen being broken down back into normal oxygen through an exit pore that has a special filter mhours before use.

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