Ways to Eliminate Snoring

Ways to Eliminate Snoring

Stop snoirngMany people want to eliminate snoring but don’t really know how. Snoring is a serious medical condition not only for the person who induces it but also for the people around them. Although, there is no ill intent behind snoring it will always be perceived as an annoying sounds specially in the dead of the night. Snoring are also known to increase the chances of a person to have stroke, high blood pressure and heart diseases. A condition known as sleep apnea is a common system of snoring.

Anatomy of a Snore

A snore is an indicator that our respiratory system is having difficulty of getting the air to our lungs. The more common cause is a blockage of the nasal passages. This in turn creates vibrations of the soft palette tissues on the back of our mouth. Some snores are quiet but others are from loud to simply bothersome.

There are many factors that cause snoring. These are the common triggers of a snore:

  1. Sleeping medications
  2. Obesity
  3. Alcohol
  4. Individual anatomy
  5. Wrong sleeping position

Ways to Eliminate Snoring

Once you know the cause, you can take the necessary steps to eliminate snoring. Snoring could be prevented by easier steps like losing weight for those who are obese, refraining from relaxants such as alcohol and changing your sleeping position. However, there are times like a person’s anatomy that may not allow him to avoid snoring. In which case there are other alternatives to help him cope with this condition.

Dental Appliances
Dental appliances like mandibular advancement splints corrects the position of the tongue from the jaw which could reduce snoring. Although there are over-the-counter mandibular advancement splints, it is best to consult a doctor who can properly fit you with a device to help eliminate snoring.

Snoring Medication
There are over-the-counter snoring aids that can clear blockages in the breathing airways. There are nasal sprays, nasal strips, nose clips, and lubricating sprays that could lessen the effects of snores. While these many not completely eliminate snoring, they may greatly reduce your snoring.

Surgery for Snoring
Another way to eliminate snoring is the use of snoring surgery like ovulopalatopharyngoplasty which attempts to widen air passage in the back of the throat.

Natural Remedies
Herbal pills and acupuncture are just two of the alternative remedy for snoring. There are also all natural anti-snoring sprays available in the market.

Dealing with snores, specially with your sleeping partner
The understanding of people when it comes to snore is that it is not yet a medical condition that could cause serious problems other than that loud noise. Trying to eliminate snoring is not a primary concern for most persons since it does not damage the body severely.

If you have a sleeping partner or a person who you share a room with who snores, instead of giving signs to that person that you are irritated by their condition, try talking to them about it calmly and try working on the symptoms and your create a plan together to eliminate snoring that benefits both parties.

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